How Lake Five is Helping to Keep Michigan Music Festivals Green.

Music Festivals - enjoyed by many, but can leave lasting impacts on the environment. Big Fam Music and Arts Festival aims to be a pioneer for keeping music festivals green. We worked alongside GFL Environmental Inc. to provide adequate waste receptacles as well as recycling. With a dedicated Green Team of volunteers, dozens of waste bins, and vehicles dedicated to transporting waste across festival grounds, we imagine this festival leaving behind 0 waste.

Lake Five will be on festival grounds manning a vendor booth as well. We will be offering free online resources for at home recycling, providing educational materials, and holding a raffle for a mystery eco-friendly product. The first step in conservation, is education. Encouraging others to practice environmentally friendly habits starts with words, then practiced with actions.

By educating festival goers about the efforts put on by Lake Five and Big Fam on keeping the grounds free of waste, we hope to leave a lasting impact these people can bring into their personal lives and business ventures.

What's next for Big Fam next year? All compostable plates? On-site recycling center? From what we've heard, the sky is the limit.

To find out more information or to purchase tickets to Big Fam Music and Arts Festival, visit their website here:

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