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We've received questions on how Lake Five operates, so we will cover some of those here:

Q: How is Lake Five funded?

A: We are funded in a few ways, with the most prominent being donations. We accept donations from individuals, groups, organizations, or businesses. Sometimes services are offered as well, including our newest option of Zero Waste Station Rentals. We are also self-funded, meaning that our founders pay for many of our sustainable initiatives and events out of their own pockets, which is why we are always pushing for more donations.

Q: Are staff or board members paid?

A: No, nobody on our board of directors is paid. Everyone is a volunteer and is doing this because they are passionate about the environment.

Q: How does Lake Five work?

A: Since we are passion based, and all work on Lake Five as a side project, we typically do our work off-hours (weekdays after 5pm and weekends). All five of our board members have a day job, so we have our board meetings on weeknights around 7pm. We try to plan as much of our events around our board members' busy schedules.

Q: Are nonprofits just for people to use as tax write-offs?

A: While being a 501(c)3 is an amazing designation to have, we must provide the Federal and State Governments reports of earnings, and essentially, the benefits we provide our community. Once our 2021 earnings and expenses report is approved from the IRS, this will be made public on our website (including all reports from future years). You can see all of our accreditations on our About Us page.

If you are interested in helping Lake Five or f you are interested in donating, please use the links below.

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