Three for the Trees

1-2-3 for the Trees!

After the amazing year we had in 2021, we are able to up our goals for 2022. Every $1 donation will help us remove up to 2 pounds of trash, and plant 3 native species in local ecosystems.

Your donation will go a long way, helping two major factors when it comes to cleaning Michigans environment: removing unwanted debris while simultaneously growing the ecosystem by planting native Michigan species.

With the assistance of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources - among other Michigan eco-agencies, all donations will help plant species native to Michigan. From seed to sapling, these species will be planted along a certain stage in their lifecycle depending on what is needed for the accompanying eco-system.

Your donations help us fund these clean-up initiatives, and we would not be able to do this without we say thank you!

To make a donation, click the 'Donate Now' button below, or visit the donation section on our home page.

To read more on some of Michigans native tree species and how they benefit the ecosystem, visit the Department of Natural Resources page here: Learn About Michigan's Species.

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