Why every little contribution helps.

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

We see a lot of talks of why should you help, if it won't improve the larger picture. We believe that saving one animal, one plant, one life from dying from man-made pollution is worth it. Often times you see on the news some situation where an animal has plastic wrapped around their neck, or a belly full of trash. One less piece of polluted trash can be one animal saved.

That begins with us. It all starts with education, which is the hardest part. Have you ever tried convincing someone to change a habit - that has most likely seemed adequate for them - in any shape or form? It's a challenge. We want to provide education in a way that informs, but isn't so gentle that people will ignore.

Then comes the actual action. We will institute clean-ups on beaches, trails, and parks all throughout Michigan. All materials will be provided by Lake Five, including decomposable trash bags, gloves, and any other materials we find suitable for the job.

One day of cleaning can save dozens of animals lives. Help us do our part in saving Michigan.

- Kyle

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