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What we do

Meet the team dedicated to saving Michigan.

Programs and projects.

From conservation to education, we will cover it all. Not sure where to start, we offer resources and educational tools for that. Or if you want learning materials for your students, or even help fund our clean ups by purchasing eco-friendly products, we have a wide range of offers for everyone.

Lake and Trail Conservation

We will be hosting clean ups at our states parks and waterfronts. Lake Five will provide all materials needed for everyone who wishes to help.

Public Education

Find resources, classes, or other groups in your area to become more environmentally educated.

Elementary Education

Want to help your students get involved with environmental conservation? We offer many programs for students in K - 12th grade.

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Resources and Tools

Lake Five will provide tools and educational pieces on how to recycle properly  become more environmentally friendly, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Forest Restoration

Michigan has been susceptible to 

logging and deforestation for decades. With your donations, we will help restore Michigans natural forests.

Environmental Products

Find Lake Five branded eco-friendly products to vendor products to help you be more environmentally sustainable.

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