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Who we are

Meet the team dedicated to saving Michigan.

The team.

We are Tyler and Kyle, and we are here to save Michigans environment. Along with our trusted Board of Directors, we are here to advocate, educate, and most importantly, take action. We don't claim to be perfect, nor ever will be. Taking the first essential steps by recycling, using multi-use containers, and limiting overall plastic use has been a slight achievement of ours; but it doesn't stop there.

Many people might see companies as ours as 'feel good' companies that do it to make themselves look better. Our view, is that whenever we visit a park, walk a trail or shoreline, we always see litter. Our value is that even if we can save one animals life from litter and pollution, it's worth it. 

Michigan in danger.

As one of the greatest natural wonders on this planet, Michigan is the prime place for tourism, which means more trash, more pollution, and more people who are careless for the environment. We face water, land, air, and light pollution in virtually one form or another all throughout this state. With little help from big corporations and the government, somebody has to step in.